Writer with ADHD: will wiggle and be distracted…!

typing 2

I’m having a terrible time with what I think is adult ADHD, especially when I’m writing.

I don’t have writer’s block. I know what I’m going to write today.

My computer is up and running. Besides my started manuscript I have my “help documents” up, such as character descriptions, outline of the plot, and research results.

Still, my attention crumbles after every few hundred words or so.

I write a scene or two and… BAM!

Or maybe … “Oooohhh!”

My fingers get itchy;
my mind starts to wander;
my legs twitch and demand to be moved;
my chair becomes uncomfortable;
I think of what I need to do this afternoon
and in no time at all…
my mind skips around from one direction to the other,
like a little kid who is out exploring bugs and frogs and mud.

Only, I’m not a little kid – at least not right now – and I have a job to do: write down the story that’s in my mind.

Alas, typing so many words takes time and the itching and twitching and mind-wandering gets gradually worse.

So I’m taking a short break to write this blog.

Funny, this is writing, too, but the twitch-itch has stopped…. 🙂




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