Waste vs. Convenience or …, or what?

This morning, I had to have some blood drawn at the lab, for testing. After the lady was done, she put this contraption on me:


What the heck?

I wonder what ever happened to regular Band-Aids?

They are small and non-obtrusive, they are cheap, they stick and don’t need any other fastener. Some of them are made of cloth, not plastic, and are therefore entirely biodegradable.

The bandage the lab technician put on me, on the other hand, produces a lot of waste; and I’m not certain that the blue, self-adherent bandage is made of natural fibers and will compost easily once it’s in the landfill.

Look at the difference in quantity of waste:


I’m not even certain WHY we can’t have Band-Aids anymore.

Do YOU know?

Why would ten layers of gauze and half a yard of bandage be more convenient?

Or more sterile? Which I doubt.

Then why the change?

Is it that they can bill us ten times more or something?

Of course, I should have asked the tech but, frankly, at that time, I had only a cup of coffee in mind since I had to fast this morning, and so I hurried out without asking.

I’ll ask next time.


Photos by migrantthoughts.



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