Make it Cute! … or the all-around Cutification!


cute Lego T-Rex by migrantthoughts’ son

It strikes me that many things are “made cute” in this society. Things that were not meant to be cute and wouldn’t be, were it not for the magic stroke of the commercial wand.

We get cute cars, cute semi trucks, cute road graders and caterpillars, cute snakes, cute vampires, cute T-Rexes and other dinosaurs that were, according to scientific research, anything BUT cute.

We have cute “killer”-this and “terror”-that, cute ghosts and ghouls, and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, there’d be a Barbie (or “Bratz,” or “Frozen,” or whatever…) showing up in cute camo gear with a cute pink rifle, riding on a cute great white shark or something…

Everything is coated with sugar, diverted of its original and true trajectory and cutificated.

There are people with a whole room dedicated to their beanie babies collection, and others hoard little dogs or parrots, because they “are so cute…”

Speaking of dogs and other living animals … I’m not sure why anyone would want to put a pink tutu on a pit bull, just like I don’t really get it why a lady would drive her 6 ft long python around in a stroller. I’m just waiting that someone will put a pink ribbon on their pet tarantula.

Growing up in this society and being influenced by what’s around us, my son, too, puts his creativity sometimes into cuteness and created this awesome, miniature, adorable and absolutely “cute” Lego T-Rex.


Lego T-Rex by migrantthoughts’ son


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