The Super-Parents


Picture from MS Clip Art.

I can tell you from experience: super-parents are pure calamity!

And if you wonder how I could possibly know that, I must confess that I’m one of them.

Yes, I’m a super-mom.

What is a super-parent, you may wonder.

Most parents can be divided into two categories: the normal parents, and the super-parents (I leave out the “no-good-parents” since they shouldn’t even be parents to begin with).

Normal parents raise their kids, send them to school on the school bus, car-pool with other parents in turn, let their kids participate in sports and don’t always attend practice, have their sons and daughters go to parties, play-dates and sleep-overs, send the children on field trips and to camps and are happy that their kids are happy. They also enjoy the alone time when the kids are gone. After a field trip or camp, they wait until the kids get unloaded, discharged, come home.

The super-parents raise their kids, send them to school, and are happy that their kids are happy. However, they also have the urge to volunteer at school in class and for special activities, they don’t let their kids ride on the school bus but drive them back and forth every day, they generally don’t car-pool, they hover in the background during birthday parties and sporting events, they try to have the play-dates always in their own home and find that sleep-overs are not beneficial to the development of their children. Super-parents chaperone on field trips, volunteer for camps, they make sure their kids are safe and behave and get the food and care they need even when away from home.

No one drives as well as a super-parent or is a more attentive volunteer and chaperone. No one is more impatient than a super-parent, almost unable to wait until their children come back from a trip, camp, or excursion, always worrying and imagining hair-raising scenarios where the child, once away from under their super-guard, might be kidnapped, get lost, be in an accident, come to harm.

I hate super-parents.

I must learn to let go…., one day at the time.