How Our Kids Shackle Us


I’m not sure how other mothers feel about their kids being on vacation or – now! – their kids going back to school.

I’ve always looked forward to do things with my (now 12 years old) son during his school vacation (and mine) but last year and this, something strange happened: I felt as if my boy was hitting the brakes, HARD, and all the time.

No matter what day and no matter what we had planned (which could be some kind of fun activity entirely designed for him) my son was slowing things down to a crawl. There were days when we made it barely out of the house at 11 am, a far cry from what I generally wanted us to do.

How did he do it?

I’m not entirely certain. I know that it always started with whining and dragging his feet (and everything else) for getting out of bed. It wasn’t that I woke him up too early; no. I often let him sleep until 8:30 or even a little longer. It was rather that he simply didn’t want to get up for no specific reason, or (I suspect) to fight my authority.

However, this still doesn’t completely explain to me how we had to hustle on most days to get ANYthing done before noon.

We still managed to have a few special and fun days and afternoons, of course, but it always felt as if I had to crack the whip to put at least some movement into my child.

Now he’s back to school and I feel…


It’s amazing!

All of a sudden I manage again to “get stuff done”

With time to spare throughout the day.

So how do kids to that?

How do they manage to shackle us to heavy weights so that we can barely do anything at all between getting up and going to bed?

Do any other mothers have the same experience?

I’d be extremely curious to know about…..



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