Conversations about Conservation


??? Where did it end ???

??? When did it stop ???

I noticed that many school-age kids – and especially teens – learn about protecting the environment, about conservation and sustainability….

Many of these kids do projects:




write essays,

prepare sophisticated powerpoint presentations,

hold speeches,



have a community outreach,


Their teachers are the motors that get and keep them going but, if you listen to the kids, you hear real passion; their own passion.

A fire is burning in those kids: they want to save the ants, the owls, the oceans, the planet!
And they mean it.

??? Then… what happened ???

Unless they pick a career whose goal is to preserve our beautiful planet, their passion dies.
The fire dies down to embers first, and cold ashes after college/university.



??? How can that be ???

??? How can one have such a passion in one’s heart and then just let it die ???

I will NEVER understand!

I’ve never learned conservation at school but my fire is burning, and I make sure to blow on the flames in my son’s heart.

This is more than a conversations, a talk, a casual chat.
This is about life and death of our planet, of nature all around us. We can’t influence big-bucks (corporations) and big-talks (politicians) but we CAN do our small part, and we can incite our kids, parents, friends, and neighbors to do their part, too.

Today is a good time to remember what our teachers taught us, and to keep the conversation about conservation going, and going, and going….



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