You Little Pest!

dog flea

For once, the title of this blog is to be taken literally.

There are pests, and there are…. PESTS!!!

I can deal with mosquitoes, flies, spiders, silverfish, and even ants. My son has never brought lice back home from school and so I was spared that experience.

But now…

………….oh terror

………………….oh calamity

………………………..oh misery!!!

Now my dog caught a flea.

I’m not sure how many she had initially, but the flea population grew in now time into a tribe of biblical proportions. They are near to invisible to me and yet they are very much there. I’m short-sighted and even though I wear bifocals, I can’t get the right focus out of them to see what – in fact – I truly don’t want to see: the tribe of fleas having a good time on my dog.

My poor four-legged girl is scratching a lot, and crying and giving me “the look” as if to say: “mama! save me!”

I tried, I really did.

I fed my dog brewers yeast (which is supposed to make her impalatle to fleas)

I washed the dog two times and all her blankets and beds three times,

I “cooked” the beds (not the dog) in the dryer

I dusted our home with some natural flea-killer

I dusted the dog with some nasty natural powder

I sprayed the carpets and furniture with a mixture of repelling essential oils and water

I sprayed the backyard with vinegar (I should have diluded it… it almost killed the lawn and my container plants)

I sprayed the dog with a natural oil solution

I vacuumed the whole house three times

I even abandoned my natural approach and put chemicals on my dog

… and yet…

my dog is STILL scratching.

Hours and hours of waging war against these pests only just to find a living flea crawling on my dog’s neck!

I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of these horrible little pests.


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