The Value of Time


I should say the value of OUR time: yours and mine.

Do you want to know the value?

I can tell you: it’s pretty much worthless.

When you go to work, many corporations, managers, and other bosses try to pretend that you worked less than you actually did, thus stealing some of your time that they should pay for. And when they pay, the value per hour of your time appears to be small, oh ever so small!

And don’t get me started on the value of YOUR time vs. the time of a doctor, dentist, government agency worker, therapist, etc.

You make an appointment. They urge you to come early so that you can “verify your data,” meaning they want you to come ten minutes before your appointment so that they can check your phone number.

Then you wait.

And wait.

And wait a little more.


If the people working there are polite, they’ll tell you that the doctor (or whoever you came to see) is “running a few minutes late” and they halfheartedly apologize.

So you wait some more.

And more.

And the “few minutes” turn into fifteen, twenty, or more.

Finally, they usher you into the inner sanctum of the place where they might check your blood pressure, or put a bib on you (if it’s the dentist) or simply designate the chair you should sit on. You take your place…

…. And wait.

And wait a little longer.

And longer.

And longer.


In the end, it is probably at least thirty or forty minutes AFTER your appointment time and you have still not seen the person you made an appointment with.

This is to show you that YOUR time is totally worthless and disposable, if only the person-in-power’s time is respected and he or she doesn’t lose one minute of their precious time.

Try coming thirty minutes late for your appointment and justify your lateness by the statistics that this particular doctor has never seen you at the appointed time and you will be in for a scolding, a rebuke, and be told that now…. you’ll have to wait a couple of hours until they can fit you back into the busy schedule of the person you came to see.

Indeed, the value of time is entirely out of balance in this country,

and what I find the most shocking is…

that no one seems to complain.