Life in a Box

Life in a Box

Picture created and captured by migrantthoughts.

We went to a garage sale, today, and…


their display was overwhelming. There were literally hundreds of dishes of all kinds, and vases, and porcelain figures, and all kinds of camping gear (not too clean, some broken), and wind chimes, and just “stuff;” piles of it.

When heading back to our car, I mentioned to my son: “These people had accumulated all this stuff, that’s essentially useless or broken; can you believe it?! I wonder where they kept it all.” They must have had boxes upon boxes of these things; or were they lying around in their living room?

One thought leads to another….

… and I was thinking of houses

and sheds

and apartments,

on how humans have evolved from living in caves

….to living in BOXES.

Boxes, of course, have the advantage that one is not so much tied to a specific mountain. One can build one’s box wherever one chooses, or wherever one can afford it.

Some poor people live in cardboard boxes.

Rich people live in a bunch of boxes, all put together into one giant box. Their boxes are generally highly decorated and lovely but…. they are still boxes.

The size of the box we live in reflects our income/finances.

Or…. does it reflect how much stuff we need in our lives?

Some people live in mobile boxes. I remember my 5 years living in an RV. I loved it, as long as we could stay out of those crowded campgrounds where there’s only one yard between our RV and the next one.

Sometimes it feels so…

… strange…

… to live in my part of a tri-plex box, where I can hear the neighbors rummaging behind the wall. It is too close for my comfort, but what else can I do on a budget? I must be happy with the altogether fairly spacious box we can afford.

In a cave,

I wouldn’t be able to hear the neighbors through the wall.





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