Breaking Out…

Breaking Out

Trying to write, but….

>>> … the day is gray, the time isn’t right, there are so many things to do: the child, the dog, the household, the “paper war” (there is always a form or two that beckon for my attention; that’s the life of the poor), I’m hungry, thirsty, itching, aching, need a walk, a cup of tea, or coffee, a cookie…

I’ve taken English lessons and read a lot (after all, this is not my mother tongue), plus a couple of creative writing courses, I’ve gotten several dozen pounds of books about writing from the library, and on better writing, and publishing, and breaking into print, and…

But you know what?

Once I’m comfortable writing in English (which is the case now), all these “helpers” are nothing else but bars of a self-imposed jail for a writer’s mind.

There’s only ONE THING that can help me become a writer,

…or become a better writer:


I’m breaking out.

I’ll start today!




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