An Award for Solving This Mystery…


Here is the mystery….

I have a tiny backyard, maybe 5 or 6 yards by about 7 yards. On one side is the house, on one side is the neighbor (behind the fence), the other two sides are fenced toward the “outside.” The privacy fence on the 3 sides is 6 ft tall.

I’m growing veggies in containers. I move these containers around according to the sun (my yard had trees overhead and the house to the south) and also to avoid creating bald spots on the lawn.

This evening, I found a whole hand-full of sunflower seed shells (empty) in one of the containers. This container was NOT anywhere near the fence, but in the middle of the lawn.

There were no seeds/shells on the lawn next to that container, nor in any other container.

Sure, there are tree branches overhead, about 25 feet up. But how would one get all the shells into the same container and not spill even one?

And also… it is not harvest time for sunflowers. These seeds must have come out of a bag.

So who put them there?

Remember, it wasn’t just one or two. There were at least 30 of them. Who could carry that many?

If anyone can solve this mystery for me,

I’ll give her/him a medal.