Do You Have a Table?


It has come to my attention that there are people (actually, there are many people, according to my observations) who live without table.

They don’t do so out of hardship, because they cannot afford a table, or because their house or apartment is too small for a table. No. They don’t have a table out of choice.

Some people have a low coffee table that is invariably crowded with a number of things, including plates, cups, magazines, papers, pens, cell phones, etc. But even these people don’t seem to feel the need to acquire a real table, with chairs to sit at the table.

I cannot imagine living without a table.
I do it while traveling and camping, but even motel rooms generally offer some kind of table.

I could not live in a place where I would need to balance my food plate on my knees. And where would I put my coffee cup where the dog hair cannot fall in it? Where would I do any kind of work that involves writing, or sorting, of painting, or beading and doing other crafts? Where would my son do homework? Where would we place our food out of reach from our little dog?

Lastly, would I forever have a hurting back because, frankly, sitting on a couch and bending over a coffee table can be painful after a while? I prefer a straight-back chair; one of those that we can find near a table.

In our apartment, we have a table in every room. My son builds his Lego creations and robots on the table in his room. I fill in forms, do my accounting, write checks, and work on my studies on my table. It is also my son’s homework spot. The table in the living room mostly serves for eating and playing board games.

When I moved from one country to another, I obviously didn’t move my cheap old furniture. But shortly after buying a bed, I never waited very long to buy a table. It’s such a useful item and I can’t understand that anyone would want to live without one.


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