What Did Your Parents Teach You?


I can’t stand people who hurt or molest animals. I find it even worse, and grotesque, when children do so, just because “they can.”

I’ve seen children stomping on slugs or earthworms, I’ve seen them hitting cats and dogs, throwing sticks at birds, throwing rocks at dogs that are behind a fence.

I’ve seen these things and I just can’t stand it.

What do the parents teach their kids?

Do they teach them that if we perceive an animal as “ugly” we need to stomp it into a pulp? Do they teach them that it is OK to throw sticks and rocks at animals?

Are these the same parents who go out of their way to crush a squirrel or (in the south) a snake, tarantula, or turtle with their car?
Unfortunately, I’ve seen such things, or the result of it.
Are those the same people who cut up big fish before killing them?
Or are these the people who abuse cows in dairies and feedlots, as if the cows’ lives weren’t bad enough without the extra torture.

Once, last year, I saw a squirrel dragging itself up the curb; it had visibly been hit by a car, had possibly crushed hind legs.
Who was that driver who didn’t have time to break for a little cute animal while driving through the neighborhood.

Yesterday and today I’ve hollored after boys who were throwing sticks at the ducks and geese on the small canal behind our apartment. I know that they would just go downstream far enough to be out of sight and do it again. I also think that my car might get vandalized again,


I’ll holler at them all over again next time.

Because…. when I think of all the cruelties people do to the animals,

and how they don’t care,

and how they don’t teach their kids to respect animals,

I could just sit there and cry my eyes out.