I’m Back!

Has it truly been that long? It’s hard to believe but it certainly looks as if I have not posted a thing on my WordPress blog since well over a year, almost two.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that I haven’t written anything. I have. But nothing much in matters of blog.

Of course, I’ve been busy moving, last year. Three times! In three months… One does feel a little worn out after that type of exercise.

Anyway, I haven’t really planned on writing a true blog here today. I only meant to check if my blog is still there and alive, and if I can find my way around the new-and-improved web site. Not that I knew it was new and improved. However, it seems that any web site, blogs or not, constantly changes and upgrades, only just to leave users like me in the dust because I just don’t feel like investing a lot of time into researching how the darn thing works now. I’m not young and have not grown up with the internet, hence my stumbling.

I’m already rambling. It didn’t need much to get me there, eh?

Therefore, I’ll stop right here and rather go prepare some real blogs. Not that I have great illusions that anybody would find my site and actually start reading, but – hey! – one can always wish and dream.


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