Sick is part of the landscape. Most of us are sick sometimes. I am today (and yesterday, and possibly tomorrow…). Even though I was determined not to let it drag me under I must say that now, at 9:22 pm, I feel as if it was midnight and I’ve been busy all day.

The truth is that I was the least busy possible, but still feel that way.


I am sometimes wondering what freshly arrived foreigners and small children think of the American population in general. When you watch TV, any kind of channel except PBS, you will see a great number of commercials for medicine.

I must say that when I came to the US and when I started watching TV here, I had the impression that every other person must be suffering from some terrible disease. When the commercials are not for marketing medicines, they are for class action suits against medical procedures, medical parts, or use of certain medicines. Considering the effort and lawyer salaries in a law suit, I often wonder if the people who sue actually get any kind of money, if the case is won. Or do they receive just $100 and the added aggravation?

And always commercials for medicines

And commercials for Viagra and its counterparts. During prime time! When my boy was smaller, I always wondered what I would respond when he would ask me what “erectile disfunction” is. Yikes!

I’m lucky, he never asked. (I must say that I tended to instantly channel-surf when one of those commercials came on and my son was present.)

He might still ask; he’s 12 1/2 years old now. But I think he figured something out by himself, since he knows now what an erection is. Whether he figured it out correctly or not my be yet another question.

Anyways, I’m sick; I have a cold. I hope I’ll feel better tomorrow.