It seems to me that the world grows a greater and greater lack of compassion…. except when Justin Bieber faints on-stage, of course.

Under the cloak of not wanting to get involved, with words like “it’s their life,” and with being busy racing like crazy in the rat race, or in the unemployment race, etc. people don’t want to show compassion.

Yeah… those facebook posts with the handmade cardboard signs do get 1 mio.+ “likes,” but hey… how hard is it to click that button?

Facebook is a good place to observe and calculate mental statistics. For example, I see two persons like and share post after post about how sweet-tempered pit bulls are, how their bad reputation is solely due to their bad owners, how one should absolutely adopt one of the many that have been dumped at the humane society, etc. but…. neither one of these people has actually followed suit and adopted a pit bull (and both own their own house and yard… so there are no landlords who would forbid dogs…)

It’s the same with posts that appeal to people’s emotions: readers click “like,” or comment, or even re-post, but that’s about as much as one may still be able to expect from people nowadays.

Try to get some real life help….
Try telling people that clicking “like” on the bloody facebook is not enough, that it doesn’t pay your bills, nor does it lift your depression…
Try saying that real friends don’t “skip” seeing you, or talking to you, because they were busy and skipped their daily twitter time….

And then, there is of course the discussion of what is real compassion.

Some people seem to think that dispensing advice to people in trouble, with broken spirits, and who are hurting is compassion.
They think that telling someone who is already way down and under water to stuff it is showing compassion.
They think that being tough with a person will be helpful to the one who can’t even get up anymore.
And… they are even upset if and when the hurting person will not follow their advice and, thus, reject their “compassion.”

No, compassion has no advice to give, or if one wants to give advice, one needs to know that our advice might be totally useless to the other person and does not need to be followed.
True compassion only hands out love “no matter what.”
Compassion does not criticize but only acknowledges.
A compassionate person is not full with their pride of how ingenious their advice is, how clever they are, what good people they are to even look down at the broken one… No, a compassionate person is humble and realizes that his/her experiences are very unique and cannot generate advice for any person other than themselves.

Also, very often… people who need our compassion haven’t hit bottom yet. But they need our love just the same, love AND acceptance, no matter how many more bad choices they will make. They don’t need us to point the finger at them. They need encouraging words, someone who listens and doesn’t judge, someone who will not abandon them “no matter what.”

I believe that this is how real compassion looks, and I also think that the world has less and less patience with broken people. The world thinks that everyone should “get their act together,” that it “isn’t easy for anyone,” and more of similar banalities, which, in fact, only serve to cover up a growing heartlessness in our society.

It is very sad.


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