Of Videogames and a Life With Purpose

Many people have some kind of greater purpose in their lives, even once they have grown out of their teen years.

Some people’s purpose is raising kids, some even raise a lot of kids.

Another purpose can be work, pride in a job well done, promotions, workaholicism.

Others do politics and are incapable of thinking in other terms, or even to function without politics. If they were to be deprived they would probably imagine that the world comes to a screeching halt without their political analysis.

Then there are the sportsy types who always try to go a little faster, or higher, or further and it takes up all their will, strength, and time.

Some other people like to be preachers; whether they preach a religion or their own ego… they definitely like to tell others what to think and just exactly how to do that.

There are the people who like to own stuff, and among those the ones who like to show it off: the one with the most toys wins.

A lot of smart and very smart people have made knowledge the purpose of their lives. Just one more degree, one more credit, one more certificate…. that’s what seems to drive them on.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of addicts in the world. They swallow, breathe, sniff, or inject their favorite mind-altering substance and spend a lot of time getting the means to get more of it.

Some people like traveling, looking behind the next hill, always looking… at landscapes, sunsets, cityscapes, and soon to come moonscapes. Planning the next trip or the bucket list gives their life purpose.

Related to the traveling types are the photographers who can’t enjoy anything if they can’t get a good shot of it. The picture that makes the cover of NG or Time is their most absorbing dream.

Art can be a purpose, too; art and beauty, as personal as this might be perceived, it can fill a lifetime with purpose.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some interesting purposes that fill countless lives, and also I don’t want to bore you guys, so I skip directly to … the purpose of this little blog: videogames.

Videogames, as I hear from others and as goes my (very modest, I admit…) experience, are worse than social media. They waste time big-time!

Did you ever try to get someone to stop playing “just before” they get to the next level? It’s downright impossible, unless you set fire to the computer or the screen.

But here is the hitch: where other passions fill people’s life with true purpose, where even the more egocentric activities seem to add something to people’s lives, it seems to me that videogames are about at the same level as addiction to various more or less chemical substance.

Videogames are a total waste of time.

Still… some people seem to make video-gaming the purpose of their lives, investing great amounts of money and time into this activity.

Like I said to my little boy the other day: “you can actually DO something with your life, or you can just sit there playing on the computer/Wii and basically wait until you die.”

The funny part is, of course, that everyone has free choice when it comes to wasting time, and I must admit that I’d rather waste mine traveling, taking photos, or learning something, than just kinda sitting around and waiting to die in a few decades, with blurred vision, carpal tunnel, and an extra fat backside….