Another Drop in The Ocean….

I like life in general.
I love nature. I like my friends. I enjoy traveling.
Obviously, here in the Western World, life is much easier than for millions of underprivileged people throughout the world.
My family rents a small house, with big yard, in a nice enough neighborhood.
We own a car and have the closets full of clothes and stuff.
Life is good.

But…. like most people, I have my challenges, too.  My main challenge is my general insignificance and irrelevance.


You must understand that I do not want to be proud and mighty. I like humility, even if sometimes it’s hard to come by and, at times,  is somehow a forced character trait. Being humble is certainly better than being proud and obnoxious.

Still…. if only I could be “important” for a few people. If only I could utter something of significance to some, create something of meaning to others. If only what I express could become relevant for somebody.

There are days when it is truly difficult to feel like a yet another drop of water in the ocean: unimportant for all people but one (my son).

WordPress like most other, similar sites, serves as a platform for people to express themselves. Of course, that means that it is equally a platform for those who read what others wrote.  Wanting to become a published writer (well, I was published before, but that was in Switzerland, in French) I would totally love if someone would actually read my things, AND leave comments. Lots of comments!

Alas…. I’m still one of the few million undiscovered writers, toiling in the shadows, unremarkable, unremarked, and ephemeral…




3 thoughts on “Another Drop in The Ocean….

  1. R says:

    I hear you. Don’t we all just want a little extra shine on us sometimes? Good luck. 🙂

  2. Hey again! I really like what you’re saying, its almost something I could have written myself. “Ignorance is bliss”, but if you are given the gift of being a thinker, it is criminal to again choose ignorance. For a start, that is not the same ignorance but a lazy careless attitude to life, and one that I have no understanding of.

    I was already going to comment before your appeal in the middle paragraph! 🙂 General insignificance and irrelevance is a challenge for everyone, and I think it is the reason people cling to various questionable aspects of their lives that provide them with some alternative comfort. It is high on my list of challenges too, and like you I am (partly) addressing that challenge by expressing my opinions on a blog. You are already doing all the right things – from reading your About page. I think you should just keep going, and at some point, something positive will come of it. A lot of circumstances may conspire to deny you the pleasure of enjoying your success, (many great writers, thinkers and artists work is only appreciated long after they die for example) but that really is life. Some win, some lose, but we can all choose how we handle what happens before that.

    Look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Peter,
      Yes, we are so lucky that we can choose what we want to do with our life.
      And I – like you, and obviously many others – are not ignorant “enough” for just keeping on doing the same-old-same-old AND be satisfied with it.
      My satisfaction is to be “outstanding.” I want to be a writer, or speaker (accent and all), or at any rate an artist. I found this deep wish when I began to go to college (yep, at 50 years old… 🙂 )… found out that “scholarly” is not for me.
      Freedom is for me: freedom of thought and expression, plus freedom to travel.
      Beauty is what’s on my mind most of the day. Beauty I want to express and show (plus, of course, the rants here and there about stuff and people that get in the way…)

      … makes me think that I should write something about beauty….

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