The Reason For The Season…. or so it goes…

I can get a bit determined, too.
I just “un-friended” 50-or-so pretend “friends” on facebook.
I was getting totally fed up with insensitive, uncaring people….

I am very much alone and very few of these “friends” coulda cared, at least a bit. No, no, they don’t even have time to wish a “merry Christmas” to those who are alone, so busy they are to post “ooooh, my sweet husband has spoiled me so much for Christmas,” and…. “family (or in-laws) is/are here,”…. and on and on and on….

NONE had a thought for the person(s) who are alone. They talk of their cooking, their families, their many gifts….
… and THEN… they post “the reason for the season is Jesus”…


Sorry, I’m getting a little cranky.
I DID receive two cyber wishes, two Christmas cards (of which one was from my son’s teacher… thanking me for the many volunteer hours in her classroom), and one long and absolutely lovely letter from my son.
I DID receive one gift…. the craft my son did at school.

The reason for the season is the love that goes around. It’s the people who care.
And… let me tell you…. there aren’t a great many around who actually think of spreading love and caring thoughts.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!
I wish you only the best, I hope that you are not alone, and I hope that you can enjoy…

Disclaimer…. nothing like a little pity-party for feeling better…




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