One Removed

We are living in the “one-removed”-society.

We comment to blogs, posts and pictures on facebook and blog-sites. We tweet to the world and total strangers tweet to our tweets. We text-message incessantly and surf the web for videos and whatever else we call “communication.”

There is a lot of activity, but it’s never direct; …. always “one-removed.”

The phone is a good example of our “evolution:”
First, we learned to talk on land-line phones without seeing the face of the other party. No face, no body language…. just the voice.
After that, we learned to text… with LOL’s and other enhancements. But besides having lost the advantage of seeing the other’s body language, we now don’t even hear his/her tone of voice. Is a text funny, sarcastic, mean, dumb…? In the end we are the only judge to figure it out… and often we don’t… and get it wrong.


Removed is the other person, his/her face-body-voice-tone. We only keep the written words (often not even full sentences….)

No wonder people are so avid to communicate since, most of the time, they only comment to posts, but not to persons. They write onto what is already written, without seeing a face twitch, nor hearing a voice tremble.
Empty communication…
One removed…

The irony is, of course, that one of the favorite social medias (ha-ha… did they say “social”) is called “FACEbook”