Sometimes, I wonder…

I wonder what goes through the mind of someone who paints graffiti. I mean…. it’s a planned act: s/he needs to take his/her equipment. Do they sneak around in the night, going to a known destination, or will they stop at a surface that just happens to be on their path?

Do they plan the design, the color(s), the size?
Or do they simply create on the spur of the moment, whatever, wherever, however…?

What about the obscene drawings and messages?
Whether in toilet stalls or on outdoor walls… are they planned?
Does someone intentionally walk around looking for the right surface to spray paint “F… YOU” (all caps) on it?
If so, what is their point?
How does it look in their mind?
Why would they choose this “message” rather than another one? Obviously, they don’t know their readership when the place is public.
There must be a lot of rage in someone for writing these things.
They must carry this rage around, until they find the place where they paint the words, and sometimes images…

Will they then go home satisfied?
Will they fall asleep while thinking “I told them,” whoever “them” might be?
Or will they already plot a new outing for a new graffiti, maybe even more violent, that one?

Yes…. I wonder what goes through their mind, when I see their messages left here and there, and on railroad cars.
What a strange way to express themselves…
They must be very lonely, and, with all their furtiveness, not wishing to connect with other people.
I suppose it’s easier to spray-paint the F-word, than getting into and maintaining a relationship….

Poor, lonely minds….