When I Became a Detective

… Oh my! The things I found…!!!

Mind you, I did not become a “real” detective, going after the “bad guys.” No, I’ve become a food detective, and I’m sleuthing every time I go shopping or eating out.

food under my inquisitive magnifying glass

The culprit?

Since I found out that most of my ailments are actually due to a food allergy, and that getting well again is as simple as avoiding to eat soy, I’ve joined the brigade of food detectives.

You’d think that not eating soy is as easy as eating meat rather than tofu-burgers, or drinking cow’s milk rather than soy milk.
Think again!

Little by little I found out that soy is in most manufactured food products. It is in chocolate, cookies, cakes, in TV dinners, in sweets, in bread, in meat, lunch meat, and even in gluten-free and/or non-GMO products.

Ha! My life as the family cook has just become that much more complicated.

But apart the complication, did you ever read ALL the labels in the grocery stores?
You’re in for a BIG surprise.

For example, did you know that “meat” is not just meat? Many meats are injected with all kinds of “stuff,” such as broth (soy) or proteins (soy again) to increase the protein contents?

Did you know that most yogurts, whipped cream, and sour cream contain other ingredients than milk?

Did you ever read the impressive list of ingredients in bread, most of them unpronounceable?

Did you know that products supposedly made with olive oil, such as for example mayonnaise, contain only a percentage of olive oil, the rest being other “vegetable oils” (mostly soy)?

Soy is the cheap “filler” for many things. But soy is not the only ingredients that is sold under the general label of more desirable foods. Hydrogenated this, high fructose that, color, dioxide, and many more…. some reading like your average chemistry book. And that’s often what they are, these ingredients: chemicals, that no one should be eating.

I think that the best side effect of my food allergy is that I’m more aware of what’s in the food, and that I buy, feed my family, and eat much healthier now than I did before.



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