How to Kill a Sick Day

You mope around. Make sure all your movements are slow, very slow.
You eat soup and rice, and only drink water or tea. (Forget any fancy latte-stuff… can’t go down that sick throat.)
You get your kid(s) to school, while moaning how sick you are.
You walk the dog (no fenced yard = walks) slouching and dragging your feet… just one block, no more.
You cancel any dates, meetings, activities that were on the calendar, with raspy voice and feeling sorry for yourself.
You pick up your kid(s) from school and after a half-hearted “how was school” let them know that you are “not well at all.”
You heat TV dinners for dinner.
You serve juice with the TV dinner: for the vitamin C.
You watch a movie with dinner.
You continue watching after dinner, slouched on the couch.
You keep ignoring the (few) dishes in the sink.
You get the kid(s) to bed, then flop down in front of the computer, duly exhausted and tired, but too tired (and sick) to go to bed.
You write silly comments on facebook and post useless blogs on your blog-site.
You finally drag yourself off the computer, put on your PJ’s, and make it into bed.
You can’t sleep because your mind has been napping all day.
Tomorrow, you’ll be well, but so tired, that you’ll just mope around….




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