Getting Rid of Those Leaves

When my son and I walked around the neighborhood last Saturday, some people were raking leaves off their lawns. (I personally wait until my most recalcitrant tree is done shedding its leaves. I don’t want to rake twice.)

We spotted a man who was attacking  his task with the leaf blower. But instead of cornering his leaves so that he could bag them, he just blew them off his (big) front lawn and onto the street. He seemed quite happy with his job, contemplating his leafless lawn and the street, covered now with a thick carpet of leaves.

I think he saw us staring, because he gave us a sideways look, revved up his blower again, and began blowing the leaves off the street…. over to the neighbors across on the other side.

Ha-ha…. talk about an efficient job: no bending, no bagging…. all done in a few minutes… 🙂



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