Summertime Sightseeing … in our Neighborhood

Some people go far away from home to do their sightseeing.
We do sometimes, too.
But in-between we’re home and we like it there. We like to walk around our neighborhood (with the dog) and look at all the big and small things that are cute or amazing, and often unexpected.
I’ve captured a few of them to share with you through this blog.

the biiiiig, vine-covered tree

so many different shades of green

old-old Maple with rough "skin"

the creeping pine, fighting with the weeds

the (duck) pond, only 7 blocks from our house, right within the city

... comes complete with cattails and dragonflies

climbing vine and old-fashioned rose bush

tree swing beckoning

a web of small irrigation streams provides little boys with lots of critters to watch

spreading creeper...

sneaking creeper ... or creeping sneaker?

spiral tree

still standing: the V-tree

a shortsighted rock-head

a delightful Koi pond

a mailbox gone "green"

the smiling guardian lion

the swan couple

the gargoyle, guardian of this doorstep

dry weeds on a kempt-lawn-background, with lonesome hoop

the stump-house

white roses

red roses

peeking roses....

time to head home...

sunset time

Thank you for having followed us around on our neighborhood sightseeing tour!



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