Don Quixote fighting windmills

I’m tired, today, this month, for it seems sometimes that I’m the only person who goes by the rules.

tired..., trying to find a bit of serenity...

I do not take what is not mine.
I do not take what I have not earned, or what is not marked to my name.
I do not take anything earlier than it was said, and do not ask for it earlier than what was agreed upon.
If I take something by mistake that was not for me, I hurry to give it back.
I do not lie.
I don’t overstep my boundaries.

And… last but not least… I apologize if and when I’ve done wrong.

Now I don’t know what’s wrong with this month, but it seems that corporations, as well as “regular” people, do just that… (“that” being what I listed above…)
They don’t apologize.
Worse… I think they don’t even notice that they’ve wronged somebody,
Or… IF they notice, they try to twist things in a way that their wrongdoing is supposed to appear as “normal.”
When confronted, they hang up the phone, they change topic…. whatever works to evade the subject at hand.

It feels like Don Quixote: fighting windmills…
Fighting windmills, even in full armor, is futile…
They just keep turning.
One cannot win.
One only gets hurt.

I’m tired of it…!