Palin vs. Fukushima

… or what is really important.

It has always amazed me how the mainstream media, and obviously the “mainstream people,” can spend hours upon hours on things like the big guessing game of whether Palin will run for president or not. Speculations, candid photos, sneaky, silly, … useless!
We’ll know when we’ll know. Period.

BUT… in the meantime, nothing, or very little, is said about the global nuclear pollution, coming from the Japanese Fukushima plant and spreading. If people would happen to think that the contaminated sea water around and near the plant will just stay there, in that same spot, they would be certifiable dumb. Yet, people don’t seem to be concerned about the air, about the jet stream, about all the different global air streams, on which the nuclear pollution is traveling all over the world. Reporters don’t spend much time reporting about nuclear contamination spreading to our countries.
But they should, shouldn’t they?

Maybe “mainstream people” wouldn’t listen?
They’d much rather follow the Trumps and Palins of our and of other countries. It’s so much more fun, ain’t it?

As I said… I really don’t understand…



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