shadows lurking in the night

Don’t you just hate liars?
Who doesn’t? Probably even liars hate liars. In fact, liars might be the people who most hate liars, because they know firsthand how easy it is to bend the truth, or to twist words and ideas in order to make them say something different than their initial meaning.

The internet if full of liars. Their lies might be a false profile, a stolen photo, made up facts, “borrowed” information.

Then, there is another type of liars: those who don’t only get away with their lies, but who even collect sympathy or applause for something that isn’t entirely true. Often it is a little bit true. Any good liar starts with some kind of truth, and then goes from there, building on it, and collecting from it. That way, if somebody starts questioning them, they can point to the small speckle of truth in their story and say: “See, it’s all true!” Adding an almost outraged: “Why would you not believe me?”
The other person who dared questioning the veracity of the story must admit that this, indeed, is true. Most people who doubt put their doubts away at that point. Even if their gut-feeling tells them that this story is just a little too smooth, or that there seems to be stuff in it that doesn’t belong, they cannot see beyond the first, insignificant but true bit of story, that serves, then, to absolve the rest, the mountain of lies.

It is a good scheme.
It works even better on the internet, where the audience doesn’t know the speaker nor, generally, the circumstances of the speaker, nor the situation s/he might be relating to us. It is easy to feed a bunch of lies to a bunch of bored readers who don’t feel the urge to check the content of the story. Why should they? It’s only a blog, or one or two comments. Why bother checking?

I will tell you why: so that you know whom to trust, so that you won’t continue reading lies, so that you won’t eventually believe lies, so that you won’t repeat lies, so that you won’t applaud, congratulate, or pity somebody who, in fact, was serving you a plate full of baloney.

I have learned not long ago, and at my expenses, that you cannot do anything against these sneaky liars. I have had to suffer personal attacks from such a person on a blog site. On another, more popular blog site that we both use once in a while and where I mentioned the scheme, this same blogger posted then a blog full of lies, intended to hurt me even further. Onlookers (or should I say “on-readers”) did not know it, especially since the intended attack was buried somewhat in the midst of an emotional tale that might or might not be true. The blogger received support, empathy, comfort, and applause for the story, and no one knew, nor checked, if anything of it was true, or just a bunch of lies.

Thus, the liar got away with the lie, and raked in emotional benefits as well.

Quite obviously, this is a battle I could not win. But at that point, it doesn’t really matter anymore.
What matters is the principle, and the sad truth that the internet is full of such people.
As for me, my response is simple: you lie to me once, I will not believe you anymore, just as I don’t want to be your friend anymore if you maliciously made fun of me or attacked my person. You may hate my writing and say so, you are free to overtly hate my opinions, but you can never, ever, attack my person.
Heck, you don’t even know me… except on the internet.



2 thoughts on “Liars…

  1. Melissa says:

    Bravo. I tend to see things more from your pov than the liars.
    Trickery runs deep in those pockets, but what a person such as that should learn is that if you are going to trick someone into an attack, be honest about it because SOMEONE will be paying attention & your lies will be caught and quite possibly exposed.

  2. It is always a great moment if and when such a liar gets exposed. Too often, they get undetected, simply because few people take the time to check on things, but rather take it at face value. They should know better… Especially on the internet.

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