Who are the Good Guys?

When we were young (“we” being people around my age or older), things were easier. The bad guys were the Germans during WW II, and the Russians after that. Castro joined the wrong side and became a bad guy. China was not really good, nor really bad; it needed watching. There were the Barbarians who didn’t have a definite home-base, but one could attach that name to whomever tried to cross us.
Because, of course, we, us, you, and I, were the good guys. There were no bad guys in our country, except those in jail…, they had a clear odor of “Barbarian” about them.

In nature, the bad guys were those who got in the way with our way of life. If we could, we’d shoot, swat, or otherwise exterminate them. Because, remember, we were the good guys “no matter what.”

But things have changed:  many natural threats are on the “extinct” or “almost” list and must be protected. This isn’t too hard, most of the time, since these creatures don’t really try to interact too closely with us.

And who are the bad guys in our daily lives now?

The Russians have been rehabilitated, and the Cubans might soon follow.
The Chinese are our lenders and we can’t possibly talk bad about them, not even behind their back.
In politics, Democrats and Republicans paint a very bad picture of each other, but taken one by one, they are often not worse than (or rather just as bad as…) the ones who gave them a bad name.
Cops used to be the good guys, until the advent of camera-phones.
Al Quaida is bad, but all Arabs, or all Muslims are not.
Christian religious leaders, the former culmination of good guys, are not necessarily good anymore. Either perversion, or greed and lies, have become their tripping stone.
Our boss, who used to give us a salary and was one of the good guys, changed into a symbolic whip swinging slave-driver who pays a pittance. Many of these bosses joined now the ranks of the bad guys.
Pharmaceutical companies used to be the good guys, until some journalists dug too deep and found that we’re getting poisoned for profit.
Doctors were good-guys-under-oath, until they accepted vacation packages for the Bahamas, courtesy of the Pharmaceutical companies.
Stock-brokers were good, as long as they brokered stocks of real things. But when they started taking bets on our biggest losses, they switched to bad guys.

Where does it end?

Heck, your husband/wife was a good guy, until s/he switched to a younger model, which definitely made him/her one of the bad guys.
So you went to the lawyer, who was your good guy for a while (he obtained custody for your kids, a lump sum, child support, the house, etc.) … until you received his bill, and bang! just like all the above mentioned, he, too, joined the bad guys.

Now the question remains: WHO are the good guys?