The Hidden Wild Side of The City

Boise is not a big city, but it is nevertheless a city, with a population anywhere from 200,000 to almost 500,000, depending on what you count as being part of it. Besides its city character, there must be enough “wild” patches to sustain animals that are definitely not pets. Here is a list of the wild animals I’ve seen personally, or I’ve seen their tracks:

– There lives a big, bushy fox right downtown, on the outskirts of BSU.
– Once, I almost hit a coyote between I-184 and one of the two big hospitals, right in the city.
– The geese are everywhere, pooping everywhere, too. (This week, there were two of them sitting on the roof of my college, over the entrance, honking at the students as they arrived…)
– A pair of kestrels are like the collective pets here, nesting on top of one of the buildings downtown.
– Once I caught a crawdad in the river, only a couple of blocks from downtown. – There are little snakes at the river, too.
– Today, when I walked the dog in my neighborhood (1/2 mile from downtown), we found deer tracks, and not just one, but a whole herd.
– Best of all: once last year, when my son and I were driving our bikes along the river, only about two blocks from our home, we saw a beaver swimming in the water.

I know that some animals adapt quite well to cities, like for example foxes. When I was living in Geneva, Switzerland, very close to downtown, I could watch on full moon nights a vixen with her pups playing on the grassy patch at the end of my street.
But I also think that the variety of wildlife in this city is quite amazing.

We also have a huge eagle in the sky… You can’t see it very often, though.


(Can’t see it? Check out the clouds… 🙂 )