A life somehow lived in “reverse”

The study of personality types by shapes in my communications course made me think of how I’ve lived my life (so far) at counter current of most people.

– I had a great career before I was 30, with a big salary.
– I ditched the career for more interesting things.
– I traveled around the world and have been to places where not many “Western” people have been.
– I generally don’t make reservations other than a (“open”) plane ticket.
– I took once a job without pay, because it was more exciting than the jobs with pay.
– I came from Europe to live in the USA with two suitcases and a tourist visa. (Some of my Swiss friends predicted that I would be back within six months. That was 13 years ago.)
– I lived for five years in an RV, full time (without another residence), traveling through the United States.
– I have moved several times without knowing where my new home would be.
– I had my son (my only child) when I was 43 and totally love being a mom!!!
– I started college at 51

I’m not sure what I’ll do next, after I finish my studies. I doubt that I’ll “just sit there” and have an ordinary job… 🙂

Oh yes, the personality types, as per Dr. Susan Dellinger…
Here are a couple of links, so that you can check it out yourself:

I’m, of course, a squiggle…


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