It takes so little…

It takes so little for a person to be reduced to less.
It just takes some health issues.

I don’t mean a cold or a passing case of “sniffles,” whereas those can be quite annoying and make life miserable for a few days. No, I mean diseases, illnesses that stay with us, health problems that have no name but are bothersome just the same.

When we are twenty, we feel pretty much invincible, at least concerning germs and other “bugs.”
When we are thirty, we generally don’t have time to be sick or ill. Life is demanding and we’re diving into it full time.
When we are forty, the first health problems show up. We go to the doctor, stop smoking and drinking, and things are back to normal.
When we are over fifty, it starts to hit home that we’re not invincible, but much rather very fragile little beings, at the mercy of any kind of accident, illness, disease and disaster. We realize that our life could be snuffed out “just like that.” We have begun burying older relatives. Our health troubles won’t go away anymore with a few aspirins. In fact, we discover that we have this or that health issue that might need medication “for the rest of our life” and that will most likely never “go away,” even after we started dieting, lost 20-30 pounds, got off caffeine and sugar, and started an exercise program.


I’m soon 52, I just discovered that (almost certainly) I have gout, and I realize that the crummy part is just about to getting started.
I won’t give in without a good fight, though.
I read it up, drew a plan, decided on my strategy, and I will just generally outsmart “it”… or the different “it”s.
I will pray, too, of course.

I don’t want to be on the bummer side.
There is simply too much of life that I haven’t done yet.
I can’t just sit around and watch it passing by.

Today was “Resolution Day.”
I have not eaten any cookies, cake, candy, chocolate…. (very bad for gout, and for about 0ne thousand other health problems).
I will do the same tomorrow.
I will change my diet until I’m well again.
I can do it!
I WILL do it!

Adventures, cool stuff to do, life, here I come…!
I will do it ALL, together with my lovely child!!!


One thought on “It takes so little…

  1. Old Mum says:

    Are you feeling better now?

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