A New Puppy?

I think I need to get a new puppy for… my dog!

Seriously, this dog just needs so much attention that it’s unreal.
Right now, she’s sitting there, whining, and staring at me with puppy eyes: “Play with me! Play with me!”
But even if I had time, I wouldn’t want to play dog games all day long.

I bought this little dog for my son. But she only wants to follow the leader and barely acknowledges my son.
I’m glad to be the leader in this house, but too much admiration is just… well… too much. I don’t want to scratch her belly every time I sit down. I don’t want a dog sleeping on my bed. I don’t want to play all day.
I enjoy playing with her several times a day. I enjoy taking her on walks 2-3 times a day, for a total of about 2 miles every day. I enjoy cuddling with her and scratching her belly. But…. not ALL the time. I’m also a mom, and a student, and myself.

Don’t understand me wrong: I love that dog. She’s cute and funny, and silly and goofy, too. She just has too much time on her hands (paws).

That’s why I think I should get her a puppy



4 thoughts on “A New Puppy?

  1. Old Mum says:

    Then you will have two dogs who wants you to play with them. Nice try…

  2. Eveningson says:


    Your situation could get quickly out of control. I notice that you are treating yourself as a member of a pack. well, you are not a member of the pack, dominant or not. . And the dog knows this. Your are a human being. The dog knows this too. I have had dogs all of my life. You need your space and the dog needs its space. Set out a part of the house that belongs to the dog and train it to go there when you say so. set limits. Put a blanket down and teach the dog to go there when it wants to be near you. When it refuses, put it out, or out of contact until it learns that first it must always come from its space into yours as you demand. there will be a certain amount of joint unhappiness but that is life.

    If you cannot handle one dog, you will not be able to handle two. f you must, get a cat. A norwegian forest cat. These know how to handle space issues with dogs. Never let your dog take priority over your son, regardless of how the dog howls.

    You have to be firm. Never strike the dog or anything like that. so, this is what I suggest you do.

    1. get the dog a basket or a blanket. put this near you but away. Do not allow your dog to go on the couch your lap or anywhere up unless it has your permission. You do this by taking the dog each time it does not go in its right place and put it back into its basket. This could take awhile but do it every time. If it does not seem to get it, put it out. when you bring her back in, put her in her place first and when she does not stay, start all over. You have to train yourself too. Eventually the dog will learn and be happier. Never invade its space when it develops one. The dog must always be secure in its space. It is ok when you do this to make sure the dog knows you are unhappy when it does not obey and when it does you say things like bon chien, good dog or whatever you say when the dog does something right. about the walking. you go for a walk and take the dog. do not have the dog take you for a walk. you will never tire them out.

    hello by the way. I am also swiss but from fribourg and now live in mexico….a traveller like you. I have a son but he is 23 and away at school. Papa still pays… I am 54.


    • Ha, de Fribourg! J’ai vecu a Geneve pendant pres de 20 ans. 🙂 J’avais une amie de Fribourg.
      Ou est-ce que tu (vous) habite(z) au Mexique?
      Yes, I will definitely follow your advise.
      I did not seriously consider buying a puppy for the dog. It was just a fun thing to think and write about. As you rightly mentioned: I have my hands full with just one dog.
      If only she (the dog) were not so needy! Some days, she seems to cry half of the day (because I don’t let her run the house…. ha-ha)

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