What is Hollywood thinking?

This keeps happening, and I wonder why no one in Hollywood gets the message.
Inadequate movies.
Inadequate for the very audience for which they are made…

I’m talking of kids movies, the “rated general audience” kind.

The plot of these movies is simple, but those guys in Hollywood seem to think that the main plot needs to be some boy-girl triangular story.
I don’t know who gave them that idea.

But I could tell them (should they ever ask or care…) that any audience under 12 years old couldn’t care less about such plots.
In fact, it bores them to death…

Little kids love exciting stuff, but not love-triangle-exciting.
They love people falling down and falling over their own feet.
They love animals on adventures where they almost don’t make it.
They love parents getting in trouble and teachers getting pie or dirt on their face.
Best of all, they love farting and burping.

But they DON’T (like in DO NOT!!!!) like any kind of love triangles or boy-girl love stories….
How could they, when even kissing is considered gross?

Parents know that, of course.
I guess there are no real parents working in Hollywood (or in any other movie making studio or company.)



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