A full key-chain

Ever since I’m grown up, I have been “migrant”, in my heart, in my thoughts, mind and soul, and often physically. I have been traveling the world…. and I liked it.

I like to wake up not knowing where I’ll lay down in the evening.
I like to check out if the grass is truly greener behind the hill, or on another continent, or if there is any grass at all on some island “way out there”.
I love watching sunsets all over the world.

I cannot live without looking at new places, soaking up new views. Sometimes I’ve seen them on photos, but the real thing is always 2000% greater!

So I’ve traveled through many countries, and lived in several of them, too.

I always took great care NOT to have too many possessions that would tie me down to one particular place. I never wanted to own a house…. that would be so terribly permanent! Even renting a place felt sometimes too permanent, what with long leases and such…
When I owned a car, I tried to have one in which I could sleep…. just in case I wanted to hit the road and couldn’t make it home before nightfall.
I didn’t have children.
I refused to have pets; they tend to get in the way when wanderlust hits.

This week, I realized that I have (finally) … (finally???) put down some roots.

Until now, and since I have my little boy, I still did my best to avoid a too permanent set-up.
And indeed… didn’t we move from an RV in a campground in southern Texas to a mobile home first, then to a duplex in Arkansas, and finally to a single family house (rented!) in Idaho? My clunker was a van, then an old SUV, always big enough to camp in it…

All was still well. The possibility of running off to other latitudes was still there and my son’s kindergarten didn’t seem too serious a commitment.

But now…

But now things are totally changed:
My son’s school and friends are important and any change would disrupt his balance.
We have now an aquarium and a dog.
I started planting a vegetable garden…. and watering the growing greenery is a daily task.
I will start college myself.


And I’m learning to fit into my new life.
It’s a good life, excellent in fact, but oh, so different from before.
I like our achievements and the window on our future.

Yet…. I remember sometimes fondly that moment when I was sitting in the airplane someplace in the sky between Europe and the New World. I was holding my key chain in my hand. There was only one tiny key on the chain… it was the key to the lock on my suitcase. I had no house key, because I had no house. I had no car key, because I had no car and had even sold my motorbike. I had nothing but my two suitcases and a bunch of dreams….
It so felt like FREEDOM…