Knowing your alternate world….

heroes and beasties

Yes, there IS an alternate world. Just ask my son and he’ll explain to you.
You might want to take a seat, though, and be comfortable, because it might take some time.

In this “other” world, bad guys will be hunted forever.
There are beasts that even your wildest nightmares haven’t imagined yet (unless you have a little boy, of course, who is interested in such things.)
There are heroes whose shape and powers shift.
There are weapons that the US Army would gladly call theirs.
There are places so desolate, so far away, so wild and strange, that you’ll have to listen closely in order to comprehend. (Whereas I suspect that my boy doesn’t comprehend all of it himself… 🙂  )

We all have known of these things, at least those of us who are parents.
But what I didn’t know (yet) is that a kid might actually think of these worlds all the time (or most….)

Of course, this is quite normal for a little guy with a healthy imagination. Pretend and make-believe is part of any child’s world. But where it kinda gets to me, is when he wants me to learn all the facts about the alternate worlds, too.

When we walk the dog, or water the garden, or do any other task together, he might ask me what I think would be more powerful: a laser-blaster or a freeze-ray. He’ll wonder if a certain space vehicle would be faster than another. He’ll enumerate endlessly the names of heroes, bad guys and beasties, of their relationships, their kinship, their powers, their weapons and their vehicles.

Later, he’ll be shocked when – once again – I’m incapable to remember his “stuff”. I don’t even know where he gets it from. He doesn’t spend all day reading about these things…. No, he plays with the figures or on-line games. But where he gets this mountains of information from…. I have no clue.

The way I hear it, battles are fierce and without mercy. Sometimes, the good guys only barely make it and you never know when some sly, evil-looking bad guy will not have the upper hand.
Luckily, the adventures in the alternate world generally end with victory for the bright side, with the dark creatures retreating to their places in the shadows.

Come evening, we don’t deal with “regular” monsters under the bed and in the closet anymore. No, there are now strangely named and shaped creatures lurking in the dark corners. Therefore, it is evident that my boy needs to place some of the heroes on his nightstand, ready for battle, brandishing weapons of all sizes and shapes, being the guardians of his room.

the guardian

Only once the good guys are in place, peace will reign in the bedroom and my little boy can go to sleep. Doubtlessly, he’ll dream of the heroes in his alternate worlds.