The stairs back down…

Oh goody!
We had one free entrance and a second one at 2/3 of the regular price to the water-park.  We’ve never been to the water-park before, my seven year old and I. We were soooooooo excited.

My boy looked at all the rides/slides on-line before we had even decided on a date.

I was apprehensive, what with a bit of vertigo and just generally feeling old… 🙂

Finally, THE day was here and we drove out to the park. Soon, we were in line up the stairs to our first slide. And then… it was our turn and wahoo! off we went, down… down… down the lope and around and around, getting wet and screaming.

My son didn’t comment very much, but we went ahead and stood in the next line. This ride went through a pitch-dark drop-off first. I didn’t like it. (Had a bit of vertigo and actually fell in the pool when I tried to disembark from the tube.) But – like so many seven year olds – my boy insisted that he loved it, just by spirit of contradiction.

Next… a very long and steep slide. No dark tunnel or any vortex. It was a long, long way up the stairs; a long wait. My son mentioned several times that he didn’t really want to go on this ride. I figured he was just being difficult, because I had chosen this one.

But when the top was in view, there he stood, melting in tears.
Even though he’s a “big boy” now (at least that’s how he likes to think of himself) he was SCARED.

In fact, he was so scared, that he didn’t want to go on any major slide/ride anymore.

So here is the deal:

It’s fun to get a free pass to the water-park.
It’s fun to try the rides.
But going down the stairs again and spending most of the afternoon in the (harmless) wave pool and floating around in the 3 ft deep circular “river”… and see my boy happy and smiling…