Internet Dating….

Shining Knights, that you are all here…
How handsome you look, what nice profiles!
What smart sentences in every post,
What heights in words, what charming thoughts.
What is a Maiden supposed to do?

It seems better than candy , or Swiss chocolate…

Shall we comment on blogs or private IM’s?
Spell check, emoticons, virtual gifts…
Shall we exchange e-mail addresses?

Shall she succumb to your virtual charm?
Or shall she put on her heavy armor?
Resist in cyber? What will you do?
Saddle your horse and attack?
More flourishing words, a photo-link?
Web-cam deception, sweet-talk galore…
In one night, what could a Knight do more?

It is getting late, some last, quick words…
Knight put your pixels in the barn.
Maiden, shake off the machine-made charm.
It is all only virtual, only cyber games.
With fake profiles and made-up names.

Plays for adults, shiny dreams.
And in the end, they all log off.
What is left is the bare screen.



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