My First Day of Diet

Monday, I looked in the mirror by accident…. Oh my, oh my!
I had to glance over my shoulder for making sure it was my own reflection I saw.

How could that ever happen? I mean… how could I not have noticed before?

Sure, the pants seemed a bit tight and I had to buy a bigger size. But I thought that it was because the new dryer shrunk my old pants.
I guess I lived in happy denial.

And now it is almost mid-April!

Even here in Idaho the warm days of late spring and summer show up eventually. Who says warm days, says thin and short clothes, maybe even swimsuit.
Alas… how will I look? With two big hams, a couple of tires in the middle, and a double-chin?

With only two months to go (at best…) I proclaim a state of emergency that calls for energetic measures: diet and exercise.

I’m doing OK on the exercise side: aquarobics, walking, bicycling, and the occasional soccer game with my boy.

Therefore, all that’s left is dieting.
I can do that! Yes, I can!

I pack the cookies, chocolate bars and candy in triple-layer plastic wrap, put them in a box, and hide the box in the upper kitchen cupboard…. the one where I need a step-ladder to get to.
I label the ice-cream “for kids only”.
I buy high fiber cereal bars, high fiber crackers, high fiber heart-healthy cereal, whole wheat bread, low cal yogurt and cream cheese, fresh fruit and vegetable, nuts, fat free cheese, turkey and chicken for meat, herbal teas. Besides dieting I will eat “right” and healthy, too.

Now I’m ready! Diet, here I come…!

The first morning starts well: whole wheat, high fiber cereal with skim milk. It tastes just how it looks: awful! But hey…. “beauty must suffer,” used to say my mother. I wash it down with some cups of herbal tea.

After getting my son to school, I’m back home, taking care of a few chores. I won’t go shopping in order to avoid temptations. I check my e-mail: nothing much there. I read a few blogs and the news…. quite depressing, either one.
My stomach rumbles.
Time for a snack!
How about one of those cereal bars?
Mmmmmmmhhhh, tastes pretty good. And they have 5 g of fiber. So it’s good for me. I guess I can have a second one, then.

Back to some project or other I’ve had going and not finished yet.

Noon: time for lunch!
I was just getting hungry.
A diet lunch should consist of vegetables, maybe a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, hold the mayo. It doesn’t taste too bad, just a bit boring.
How about the tiniest little dab of peanut butter on that celery? I’m sure one little dab won’t compromise my diet.
And what’s for dessert?
A low cal, no fat yogurt?
They make them quite tasty nowadays, with barely any calories. So, maybe, I could eat two? I’m sure it won’t hurt.

The afternoon goes by well, without major cravings.
It is time to pick up my son from school and share a snack with him. Kids spend a lot of energy and they can have cookies. So I get the step-ladder out, haul the box down from the upper cupboard, remove the three wrappers, and get the cookies out of the box, for my son.
Oooops! There are a couple of broken ones. I’ll eat them….
I bet that just two small crumbles won’t hurt my diet!
I’m also preparing an apple for him and for myself, and a few slices of cheese, with some high fiber crackers. All in all a healthy snack (except the cookies, but since those were only two or three crumbs, really….) I’m doing fine.

Dinner goes well, right by the book: grilled chicken, potatoes (hold the butter), mixed salad (no dressing for me.) Ice cream for dessert for my son (I did lick the scoop a couple of times, there in the kitchen. But I’m sure that there was almost nothing on it, nothing but a small dab of taste.)

After a pleasant evening that we’ve spent playing, my son eats a small snack before going to bed. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with keeping him company and having anther one of those low cal yogurts, or is there?

The rest of the evening is mine. I surf the web, chat, e-mail, read. It’s fun. It’s an activity, and—like most activities—it makes me hungry. I’ve been so good today, almost sticking to my diet all the time, I deserve a reward: like a chocolate bar or cookie.
So I get the step-ladder out, haul the box down from the upper cupboard, remove the three wrappers and choose my treat. Dutifully, I wrap the remaining cookies all up again, put them back in the box, and stow them in their cabinet.
The evening is long, somebody sends me a rude e-mail and I feel depleted inside.

I better get another cookie….
And another one a little late… And another one…
Hey, with all that exercise for getting to the cookie box, I’m almost burning off the calories I take in, don’t I?

This was my first day of diet…..

… and I better buy some more cookies….
for my boy, of course…


2 thoughts on “My First Day of Diet

  1. wild4words says:

    Does this count? I’m having a meatloaf sandwich, with a side of fresh cut fruit. Of course the sandwich is gigantic and would feed a family of 4.


    good luck with the call of the cookies!

  2. Mmmmmhhh…. meatloaf!
    I’m (almost) sure that’s a diet food…. 🙂

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