Interesting Pets…

Wiggle and Jiggle

Many people think that pet fish are boring, especially for small children.

I have found out that they are “all but…”

Of course, if one puts an aquarium in the corner of the room and never cares to interact with the fish other than feeding them, indeed, they can be boring.

“Interact?” you may ask.

Yes, interact.
My little boy used to come home from his preschool and show his artwork to his pet fish. And every so often, he would declare “story time”. He’d take one of his books and “read” it to the fish. (I’m not sure if they followed through the whole story, but they did show some interest…)

Now, we have two goldfish and… they like to move their stuff around.
They started doing that about two months after we got them.

They started by sifting through the pebbles, obviously searching for scraps. (Fish are always hungry!) But soon, they started moving their “furniture” around… Since they are small, they can’t move the bigger aquarium decorations. But they move whatever they can move.

One day, we wanted to grow life plants in their little aquarium and dug a few bulbs into the pebbles. It took the fish only a day or two to dig the bulbs out, try to take a bite out of them (pretty hard to do without teeth…) and generally push them around the aquarium and even hide them… so that we got to understand that they didn’t like that “stuff”.

Right now, we have bigger glass beads among the pebbles. It looks real pretty… Well, it’s supposed to look real pretty. Because, guess what the fish do? They push those glass beads around the aquarium. And they even have a plan to it. They push them on and on, until they are all behind the decorative castle and totally out of sight.

So, every so often, we move them back in front, and even dig them in a bit. It’s become a game!

Boring fish, did you say?

I just wonder what will be next…!


One thought on “Interesting Pets…

  1. Alice Zyetz says:

    Hi Sabine,
    So nice to read your writing again.
    Alice Zyetz

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