Listening To Old Music

Listening to old music, from “way back when”…
when I was young.

Remembering…. my first time at the disco, my first wild dance in the semi-darkness, with the hundreds of light-spots circling to the beat of the music.

Remembering… the songs, to which I danced with my first love.

Remembering… the horrendous outfits we wore and how important it was.

Remembering… the music pulsing, the air vibrating, the bodies dancing in seemingly staccato…. created by laser lights.

Remembering… the drinks, our craziness, the…. (hmmmmm…. I kinda almost didn’t inhale… ) how things grew stranger by the minute….

Remembering the fun we had, the nights we danced away, in any city I went…. search for the music

Remember the “Scorpions”, the “Who”, the “Stones”, “Nazareth”, “Pink Floyd”? (not the “Beatles”… I’m not THAT old…. )

Memories brought about by one old song….

No, I don’t really wish to be there and young again (well… maybe just one night )
I mostly just wish not to be over 50 and alone.

But hey, did we ever have a great time then…


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