Inspiration Is Everywhere

I have met people who are not happy because they can’t find energy for their life. In fact, they suffer of lack of inspiration. And I’m dedicating this short text to them (because there have been times when I was “un-inspired” full time and  the condition seemed  very terminal.)

When I use the word “inspiration” in this blog, I’m not talking of artsy inspiration. Whereas creating a piece of art—whatever art it might be—surely contributes greatly for feeling happy.

Rather, I’m talking of these things that we see, or hear, or read, of which we think “I want to do that, too,” and then… “I can do that, too”. And off we are on the road of accomplishment, happily humming a tune. Whether the goal is easy to reach or difficult, we continue, because it has become just that: a goal. And we will get there, “no matter what”.

All of a sudden life has a sense, a goal, our path is not necessarily easy, but fascinating… for an hour, a day, a week, or a year.
We got inspired.

Inspiration is everywhere. But unfortunately, it is also easy to pass without noticing.

If I open my mind, I can get inspired by a baby, or a disabled person, or a homeless vagrant, or a senile lady in the nursing home. The only thing required is open the eyes of my  mind.

I will give you a short example.
Since “ever”, I consider myself as a very “handy-challenged” person. “I have two left hands but am right-handed,” I used to say. I didn’t even need to try doing any kind of handy-work. I knew in advance that I was incapable of finishing the task. Things tend to break, bend, or otherwise wreck under my hands. I have walked away from many disasters I’ve created when I actually wanted to fix or improve something.

But not anymore!

I have started observing my little 7-year-old boy.  Like most children, he’s not afraid to try. He’s not afraid to mess up before he can handle or control the task he’s trying to execute. He just keeps on trying until he succeeds.
When I messed up, I generally didn’t persist. I would lose patience after a while and give up.

But now, I have become greatly inspired by my son.
Now I, too, keep trying. I will not give up anymore because I don’t succeed the first time. I observe myself making errors, and learn from my observations.

I have been inspired in the same sense by disabled people. How difficult little things are for them! Little things that we take for granted and don’t even lose a thought about them. Yet, these people persist and insist. My life is much easier, but nevertheless I tend to complain and whine. Looking at them, I appreciate better what I have. What an inspiration!

I know a young lady who had been in the throngs of meth. She finally got arrested, jailed and then released again. She has never touched any drugs again. Why? Because she wanted her children back. She has become a wonderful mother and will get married soon. It wasn’t easy, and I can’t even imagine how it feels to be in recovery from such an addiction. What an inspiration she is to me!

There are many more examples I could write here, but I’m sure you got the idea.

Now I only hope that you, too, find enough inspiration to enjoy your day!


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