Queen of the Couch Potatoes

We finally got a dog!
We’ve been talking about a puppy for my son since a year or more. But first, we needed to move out of the apartment complex and into a house with yard. Then started the big search.

We knew that we wanted a dog from the humane society. My boy wanted to make sure that we saved a dog from being euthanized. But even though the shelter has a great number of inhabitants, they were mostly of a size or breed that we did not want.

Finally we found her and got her: Chona.

She looks as cute as she is; except when she barks at anything and anybody that isn’t family. As small as she is, she knows how to impress even big people: growling, barking, baring her teeth.
Not nice!

I thought we took a fully trained dog in, but there is a lot of practicing coming up with Chona. Luckily she is so cute that one can’t but forgive her rough edges.

She needs to learn to be walked on a leash. Her idea of a walk is that she’s in command and tries to drag us from pee-spot to pee-spot. She also thinks that she’s number one… on the couch. In fact, one of the first things she did when we brought her home and after she’d given the house a once-over, was to plop on the couch.
Chona is the queen of the couch potatoes!
And since our couch is (like everything we own) quite small (in fact it’s only a love seat), competition for a good spot is keen.
More training coming up….!

Our new dog likes to chew. Luckily she doesn’t seem to like chewing on shoes. But all her stuff is fair game… including her bed.
One day, she had to stay in her crate because we had visitors. In order to get back at us for the outrageous imprisonment in the middle of the day, she chewed up her doggy bed. I wish she had only chewed it up, but she also ate some of the stuffing; hence the vomit in the yard.

But hey, the most important is that she’s a wonderful friend to my son. He even forgave her for trying to eat his fuzzy animals. He loves his dog dearly and she has risen to place one on his friends list with lightning speed.

Girls like flowers, even on their collars.

Therefore… no matter the “accident” on the carpet, the growling at our friends, the chewed-up things and the squeaky toy that lost its squeak within 10 minutes…. The only thing I care about is to see how happy my son is with his dog!