The Absurd Blog

Did you ever try to write something really absurd?
I did, or rather I do, right now….

And I can just imagine your faces… and your thoughts…

Yes, indeed, it’s an absurd idea to write this here.
I could have so many better ideas.
Like writing about the weather.
Or politics.
Or religion.
Or the economy (or what’s left of it…)
Or about what idiotic blogs are posted a little bit everywhere
Or how people go on my nerves.
Or how I really had it with scamers and junk mail
Or how I really like social media, and all the fauna that’s grazing on those pages.

But no, I had to write about something absurd.

The fact is, that I don’t know what it is.
Do YOU know what’s absurd?
Do you have any common idea what it could be?

You see, I’ve looked under my desk, and behind the couch, and even under the bed… but I found nothing but dust and one dead bug
Nothing absurd there.

I looked in my car engine, figuring that the strange clunk-clunk could be absurd, but I’m not sure it is. Could just be something breaking again.

Hey, I’ve even gone outside the box, outside my comfort zone. I’ve checked in the yard (which is wet today) and in the shed. I only came up with muddy shoes and about a gazillion of spiders, dead and alive.

So I guess my blog falls short of a point.


(Disclaimer: indeed, I have posted this on my facebook before. But I really like it…. It’s so absurd. 🙂 )


2 thoughts on “The Absurd Blog

  1. mandylourin says:

    I find your blog, bugs, engine, and muddy shoes all to be rather absurd 🙂

  2. I’m glad you did.
    Therefore, my blog DID have a point after all…. (maybe)

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