Why Travel?

For… watching a breathtaking sunset on the beach of an exotic island, that no photo could ever reproduce even close to reality.
For… the unsurpassed beauty of a coral reef seen when snorkeling.
For… the foreign smells in foreign countries.
For… the soft sounds of foreign languages when you sit still and listen.
For… the adventure of bathing in a jungle stream in Chiappas, Mexico.
For… being able to watch the ever changing night sky when sleeping on a beach.
For… listening to howler monkeys in the jungle.
For… eating 20 different kinds of bananas, and papayas as big as water melons.
For… swimming with a school of rays in the warm lagoon of Moorea, French Polynesia.
For… going into the hot caves of the volcanic Canari Islands.
For… swimming in the wild surf of the Atlantic Ocean.
For… eating breadfruit in Fiji.
For… trying to count all the different deities on Bali.
For… seeing the off-shore oil-rigs ablaze in the night, off the coast of Angola.
For… being briefly the only white person in the town of Ziguinchor, Senegal.
For… eating the boniest fish I ever saw, steamed wrapped in a banana leaf, in Zaire.
For… looking at the monument on the jetty in Lisbon, built in honor of the explorers who dared braving the unknown.
For… looking at the sandals of one of the last preachers who was supposedly eaten by the last cannibals on the outer islands of Fiji.
For… swimming in water so warm that it could be a bath tub, in the lagoon of Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
For… eating Chinese food in Singapore.
For… walking in a forest of giant ferns in New Zealand.
For… riding a camel in Tunesia.
For… bargaining in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul.
For… contemplating the unreal blue color of the Mirabello Bay at Agios Nikolaos, on Crete, Greece.
For… looking at the original statue of Aphrodite on Cyprus.
For… visiting Michelangelo’s frescos in the Cappella Sistina, in the Vatican.
For… skiing down the slopes at the Kleine Matterhorn, in Switzerland.
For… taking a tour through the harbor in Hamburg, Germany.
For… listening to jazz in the Quartier Latin and going window shopping on the Champs Elysees, in Paris, France.
For… seeing the Hall of Mirrors in all its splendor in Louis XIV’s palace in Versailles, France.
For… watching a wholesale tulip auction near Amsterdam, Holland.
For… listening to some bloke at Hyde Park Corner, in London.


For one thousand other good reasons….


3 thoughts on “Why Travel?

  1. Charligurl says:

    I really enjoyed some of these.. a few I have done and a few I can only imagine.

    I’d like to see the Terecotta army in China, the Colosium in Rome, and Niagra falls before I die.

  2. Ttomtarr says:

    You are DOING IT ! ! ! ! Very well begun.

    Great start, and I will be a frequent visitor.Maybe I will be inspired enough to start my own too.

    I’d love to sit in an ancient crumbling ruin in India. I guess that came from envying Kim and Kaa when I was a very young reader.

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