The Instant Society

Just add coffee…. and you get an instant human…. or the joke went something similar.

But coffee is long outdated. Who, in the world, orders still a simple “coffee” at Starbucks or your favorite Java-Hut? At least, you’d have to order a “latte” or “mocha” or some such exotic thing, or it’s a dead give-away that you are not young, not “in” but rather out-dated, and it’s maybe even your first visit at one of the overpriced coffee shops.

Definitely un-cool!

But I degress…

I wanted to write about the instant society we’re living in….
It just started with instant coffee…. a very long time ago.

It progressed to instant noodles and instant oatmeal.

And after that… all the flood gates opened and we were and still are drowning under instant consumerism.
Instant food
Instant drinks
Instant “relationships” (on-line)
Instant sex and even cyber-sex
Instant car (no more starters and stuff….)
Instant buying without even leaving the house (by phone or web)
Instant marriage (in Vegas)
Instant (live) TV with live crimes, corruption, catastrophes and more….
Etc. etc.

And most of all: instant communication!!

Do you remember when not everybody had a (wall-mounted, dial-) phone, and you’d call the neighbors and they’d go give you the message? Imagine suggesting that kind of set-up to a teenager nowadays!

When the communication isn’t instant, we think it’s broken.

No one seems to have time anymore.
But what do they (not me…. ha!) spend their time with?
They communicate?Really?

I sometimes wonder what’s next…..


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