Hello world!

Here I am!

This is my first time writing a brand new blog on my brand new blog page.

Like all “first times”, it feels fresh and insecure, but also great. The world is at the tip of my pen…. well… at the click of my keyboard!

Why “Migrant Thoughts”?
Because I’m a migrant. I have lived in 5 and traveled in and through 32 countries, … so far. (I don’t intend to stop there. I’m just taking a break.)
The grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere, but…. how would I know if I don’t check it out?

“Migrant” also because I’m a mom, and my son is the most important person and feature in my life.  Being a mom is my number one occupation and preoccupation. With my boy I grow and let my thoughts soar. The sky is the limit for him AND for me. He’s only 7 right now, so we’ll have a lot of soaring in front of us.
Every day is a new adventure.

What a wonderful thought!

And finally “migrant” because my interests are like my son’s:  causes, ideas, things to know and to learn… are like candies on the shelves of a candy store. And I have thoughts about this, and that, and everything in-between, too. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Mountain Lion says:

    Well, Swiss Miss, we want to hear more about your experiences while traveling through 32 countries and living in 5 of them. That would make a very interesting blog site in itselt!

  2. Mountain Lion,
    It would fill this blog and a couple more, I think.
    It’s a great idea, though, and it would allow me to keep all my travel story for my little boy, too.

  3. skylar4 says:

    Hi S 😀
    Thank you for letting me know you are here. Much better way to get your thoughts out without all the bull on the other site.

    I agree with mountainlion……………….I would love to read about your journeys. It is great for some of us that never have nor ever will get to see these places, so let us see them thru you!

    Congrats on your new blog site! yea 😀

    • skylar4

      Yes, I’m already thinking of a series of little blogs about my “adventures in foreign lands”. I hope to get started before the end of the week.
      And… to ALL… thank you for passing by and for your kind words.

  4. KyWonder says:

    I would someday love to travel like this. It sounds like you have had a very adventurous life.

  5. Mountain Lion says:

    When I first saw the title of the web site, I thought it was “Migraine Thoughts.”

    Relieved to learn it is “Migrant Thoughts”

    Can’t wait to hear about your first experiences at dating American men!

    • Mountain Lion

      That’s one thing you’ll NEVER find on this blog…. my American dating experiences….
      But hey… I have way more interesting tales to tell. Just you wait! 🙂

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